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The mold laws for 2018 have been updated by the latest rules and regulations to the industry, which mostly came from lawsuits. The litigation was centered on the effects of mold in terms of personal injury and property destruction, along with recent studies about how mold affects property and people. This means that there are new trends and issues that will shape this year and the foreseeable future in terms of the presence and removal of mold.


What is new for 2018 is the emphasis on so-called “experts” who offer services that connect virtually any symptom to mold exposure and testify in court to that effect for a price. The effect that such “experts” have on the mold industry has resulted in substantial changes to the laws which regulate the presence and removal of mold.

One such expert, Dr. Gary J. Ordog, used his position to testify about all sorts of mold-related symptoms in a variety of court cases. His actions led to a temporary suspension of his license, but that didn’t stop him. He has since been found guilty of health care fraud and subsequently spent time in federal prison.

Court Cases

One of the more spectacular rulings in a personal injury lawsuit that sent shock waves across the country was the $1.8 million award to Mary Jean Alsina, a teacher in New Jersey who was exposed to mold in her classroom. While the district she sued will no doubt appeal the verdict, the ramifications of the lawsuit were stunning and have changed how businesses and organizations approach the identification and removal of mold from their property.

Other court cases, such as the one in Sandy Springs, Georgia, where a tenant successfully sued the apartment owner over the presence of mold and the health effects he endured, has also changed the way such lawsuits are perceived. The court established that previous sinus ailments, which were initially not discovered to be mold-related, could be so interpreted after the fact. This now opens the door for future lawsuits where plaintiffs can successfully sue for medical expenses if mold may have been a contributing factor.

The cases extend not only to individuals and families living in mold-contaminated residences or staying in hospitals, but also to the burgeoning marijuana industry where cannabis that has been infected with mold harms those who use the product for medical purposes. Basically, the mold laws of 2018 offer far more power to plaintiffs looking to sue for medical expenses due to mold exposure.

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