Preparing Your Home for Wildfires

If you live in rural California during the wildfire season, you should be aware of wildfires and how to properly prepare for their arrival. While many rural settings are prone to wildfires, California’s combination of elevation and dry climate make it more likely that wildfires will occur. The question is, what can homeowners do about protecting their property and families from the ravages of a wildfire? 

Wildfires damage homes in three different ways. By direct contact with flame, the embers that are generated by the fire, and the radiant head pushed by the winds into your home. The action you take to protect your property will depend on the following scenarios. 

Identifying the Risks

Places subject to wildfires means they will have fire seasons established which identifies the time of the year for higher risk. In California, fire season is from May to October with the combination of summer heat, high winds, and lack of rainfall that comes with that time. However, wildfires can happen at any time of the year under the right conditions. 

Next is location. How close is your property to areas that are prone to wildfires? The closer it is, the more precautions you should take and check to see the vulnerability of where you live to wildfires. 

Taking Appropriate Action 

There are steps you can take to make your property more resilient to fire damage. Taking these steps will reduce the potential damage to your home. 

Remove Combustible Materials: This includes leaf litter, lawn furniture, and garbage during fire season. The less fuel a fire has, the less damage it can do. 

Place Fire-Resistant Materials: There are materials used in home construction that resist embers and even direct contact by fire. Such materials should be incorporated into the walls and roof of your home. 

Create Defendable Space: This is an area that surrounds your home where firefighters can place their equipment to minimize the fire damage. It also provides a way out of the property if a wildfire appears suddenly. It also buys time as the wildfire must cross the space to reach your home. 

But such barriers and the use of non-combustible materials do not provide complete protection. You will need to leave if a wildfire is in your area. 

Have an Evacuation Plan 

Even the best prepared homes may not be enough to prevent wildfires from consuming your property. You will need to have an evacuation plan that can be executed at a moment’s notice. While many wildfire warnings allow for some time to prepare and leave, others do not. You will need to be ready to go immediately if a wildfire threatens your area. 

  • Have Emergency Kits in Your Home and Vehicle 
  • Keep Extra Gas in Your Vehicle to Avoid Stopping at the Nearest Gas Station
  • Train Family to Leave within a Moment’s Notice 
  • Know Your Evacuation Routes 

Proper preparation and leaving immediately can save you and your family from a wildfire. The preparation work you put into your property beforehand will do its best to prevent wildfires from damaging your home. Your presence on the property only puts you in danger. Do what you can before a wildfire begins and know to leave immediately once a wildfire heads in your direction. 

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