How to Properly Recycle When Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning is the time of year when you remove all the unwanted materials from your home. It is an annual house cleaning that coincides with the warming temperatures where people open their windows and let the fresh air in. But how can you combine spring cleaning with recycling to get the best of both worlds?

Instead of simply bagging up the trash and letting unwanted items pile up in closets and storage areas, you can employ a recycling system in your home. The result protects the environment and makes cleaning the home during the spring less taxing.

What Can Be Recycled?

There are many items around your home that can be recycled. The first step is locating all nearby recycling centers. Then take the items when ready and earn a little profit when you turn them in. 

  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Paper 
  • Plastics 
  • Steel & More 

You can rinse out and crush the cans so they can be put into large bags for recycling. Cardboard boxes if strong enough make for good moving boxes. But for those that are torn, thin, or compromised simply fold them up for storage until you take them to the recycling plant. 

Rinse out glass containers. However, you can leave the labels on since they will be removed by the recycling process. Store paper items such as magazines, newspapers, telephone books, and the like in smaller boxes or bags so they are easy to carry. 

Rinsing and crushing plastic bottles for storage saves space and doesn’t attract insects. Certain metals such as steel, copper, and those used in electronic items can be recycled as well. Find recycling centers that accept metal and electric devices after your home cleaning session. 

How Can You Employ Reusable Items?

You can cut down on waste and make your next spring cleaning far less taxing by relying more on reusable items. 

Rags, Sponges, & Towels: Instead of using paper towels, rely more on reusable items such as rags, sponges, and towels for cleanup. You can use a simple homemade cleaner such as one-part vinegar to seven parts water for quick cleaning while not filling up the trash with paper towels. 

Reusable Batteries: Disposable batteries can become quite expensive. Instead, purchase reusable batteries with a charger to save money over the long run. It also means less to throw out during spring cleaning. 

Reusable Bags: Instead of collecting or throwing away plastic bags, rely on reusable bags when you shop. They will hold up more, last far longer, and are washable so they can be reused repeatedly. 

Compost: For both food and yard waste, you can instead put more nutrients into the ground for your lawn or garden by learning to compost. This form of recycling can do wonders for your landscape or garden when properly employed. 

When you plan for your next spring cleaning, be sure to make a quick note of what recycling opportunities are available. Your next house cleaning can include recycling unwanted materials and purchasing goods that can be recycled or have a long life in your home.

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