Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

When fall arrives, insects and rodents will find their way into your home. The warmth, shelter, and food your home provides naturally attracts pests in larger numbers. In addition to eating your food and damaging your furniture, some of these pests may carry diseases. To prevent this from happening, you will need to take the proper steps to keep the pests on the outside. And, to deal with the pests that have made their way inside. 

What follows are a few tips that will help you address the pest infestation and lower the chances of their presence causing harm. 

Remove All Clutter Inside and Outside

Clutter provides shelter for pests. Remove all clutter that surrounds your home and inside your garage or storage areas. The more places that insects can find to hide and breed, the less likely they are to either enter or stay inside your home. A simple cleaning will help reduce the pest’s presence on your property. 

Seal Cracks

Inspect your home for any cracks or openings that allow pests to enter. By sealing up your home, you can greatly reduce the chances pests can enter. 

  • Use Caulk around Doors, Windows, and Openings 
  • Ensure that Windows & Doors Close Properly 
  • Check All Openings, Including Ducts and Pipes

Use the right type of caulk that is waterproof, so that it can resist temperature changes.  

Fly Traps & Lights

For flying insects, you will need to lower the chances of them clustering around your home when the temperatures start to drop. 

  • Fly Traps
  • Fly Lights
  • Insecticide Spray 

A combination of all three will help keep the flying insects away. Flylights should be set up away from your home. Fly traps should be stationed around areas where flying insects gather, such as near windows and doors. Be careful with insecticides so that your pets are not affected by them. 

Clean & Store Food Properly 

A clean home does not have food lying around for pests to consume. Clean your kitchen, food pantry, and any areas with food storage. By removing the odor of food along with the food itself, you can greatly reduce the presence of pests, particularly insects, in your home. 

  • Store Food in Sealed Containers
  • Wipe Down the Kitchen After Preparing Food
  • Reduce the Places Where People Eat Food 

Reduce Humidity Inside the Attic, Basement, & Crawl Spaces

While adding to the moisture level inside the living areas of the home will help you breathe easier during the cooler days of the fall, you need to reduce such humid areas in places where pests may find shelter. The attic, basement, and crawl spaces should be well ventilated as possible to reduce areas of moisture. Without water, pests will find it harder to live inside such places. 

By doing the basics, you can create an environment that helps keep the pests away from your home. Start taking the right steps now to reduce the pest population before fall fully arrives. 

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