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New Lead-Acid Battery Fees in California

The dangers of lead have been known for decades and both state and federal government entities have taken substantial steps to eliminate lead from a wide variety of products, including gasoline and paint. However, lead is still present in some products, most notably car or vehicle batteries. This has prompted the State of California to charge a fee to both retailers and produces of lead batteries to curb their use. Fees for Purchase or Sale of Lead-Acid Batteries Those who purchase or sell ... Read more

The Dangers of Lead Exposure

You have probably already heard that lead exposure is dangerous, but few people are aware of just how poisonous it is—or how common it is in our world. In the United States alone, there are at least 24 million homes where high lead levels are affecting the inhabitant’s quality of life. At least of sixth of those homes have young children, who are especially susceptible to lead poisoning—primarily because children are more likely to put foreign objects in their mouth and ... Read more