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Link Between Lead Exposure and Heart Disease

Since the 1970s, lead has been banned for use in paints, gasoline, and many other products because of its effects on the brain. However, its connection to heart disease has only recently been revealed. A recent observational study from The Lancet Public Health Journal revealed that 256,000 cases of premature death caused by cardiovascular disease in the US may be linked to lead exposure. This new study defies the notion that low levels of lead exposure had little to no effect on premature ... Read more

Detecting the Presence of Lead in Food

Lead is a toxic element that is naturally present in the water, air, and soil. Even small amounts of lead can be dangerous, especially to children. Lead inhibits the proper development of the brain, which in turn can affect speech, emotion, and cognitive ability. In addition, recent studies have demonstrated a link between lead and premature death due to heart disease. New concerns about lead in food have surfaced in India where instant noodles, a popular food consumed by tens of millions of ... Read more

Lead Exposure and Its Irreversible Damage

  Past issues with the water supply in Flint, Michigan, have once again brought the dangers of lead exposure into the forefront. Lead poisoning has been an issue for thousands of years, but it was only in 1978 that the US ban lead in paint and other consumer goods, as its effects were becoming better understood. Symptoms of Lead Exposure One of the reasons lead is so dangerous is that low-level exposure does not create any obvious symptoms. This usually means that the exposure continues, which ... Read more

Lead Exposure May Cause Depression and Anxiety in Children

A high level of lead exposure has long been known to cause serious behavioral problems in children, however, a recent study has found that even low levels of exposure can create serious problems. Anxiety and depression were among two of the most common affects cited in the study. This study was conducted in China, following over a thousand children in Jintan, where experts believed that pollution, caused by industrialization of the region, was seriously affecting the population. First tested as preschoolers, lead ... Read more

The Dangers of Lead Exposure

You have probably already heard that lead exposure is dangerous, but few people are aware of just how poisonous it is—or how common it is in our world. In the United States alone, there are at least 24 million homes where high lead levels are affecting the inhabitant’s quality of life. At least of sixth of those homes have young children, who are especially susceptible to lead poisoning—primarily because children are more likely to put foreign objects in their mouth and ... Read more