How Batteries are Helping San Diego Battle the Heat This Summer

With the power grid in California struggling under the intense summer heat, one solution to alleviate the problem has arisen in San Diego. The use of battery power to compensate for shortages in electricity during peak use times. The ion battery provides a strong backup for electrical grids that are under stress. 

The search for alternative sources of energy such as wind and solar are on the rise, but even with more power generators in action, the chances of the electrical grid becoming overworked increases in the summer. Identifying the solutions starts with examining the potential power sources available. 

How Does Battery Power Help?

The nonprofit organization running California’s electrical grid, California ISO, reports a 75% increase in battery capacity compared to last year. What that means is when solar power is maxing out during the day, the batteries can store the energy for twilight and nighttime use when the sun goes down. 

What that means is battery power fills the gap when solar and wind power are fading, so the electrical grid can remain strong. The more batteries available, especially the reliable ion battery, the greater the storage capacity and the less likely a brownout or blackout takes place during the evening hours. 

This is crucial because while the sun goes down, the temperatures often remain near peak levels for a few hours. This means air conditioners are still running, which pulls more power from the grid. When solar and wind power are fading, the charge in the batteries takes their place. 

Other advantages of enhanced battery power include not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. This means that instead of relying more on fossil fuels, batteries can alleviate the pressure on power plants to increase capacity and emit more greenhouse gases. 

Noise mitigation is another powerful reason why battery power is being expanded across the state. Because batteries operate silently, there is no noise pollution generated. Currently, eleven new battery storage sites are being planned for the state with San Diego being one of the locations. 

Why the Ion Battery? 

The ion battery represents one of the best available batteries on the market. For large storage capacity and ability to recharge many times before needing replacement, the ion battery provides a viable solution to the solar and wind gap while remaining online for quite some time. 

Batteries are mostly used in large storage banks next to solar and wind farms, but they can also be used locally by individual homes and businesses that use solar power. The batteries maintain power once the sun goes down, and since the wind often dies down at night, they can be used there as well. 

With the goal of eliminated greenhouse gas production by 2045, residents of San Diego know that the intense summer heat no longer means automatic brownout or blackout conditions thanks to the ion battery. With backup battery power, cities such as San Diego can handle greater amounts of electricity at peak times while lessening the chances of an overload. 

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