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Asbestos Causing Unnecessary Loss of Life in the U.S.

Montana Senator Jon Tester introduced a bill to ban all use of asbestos in the United States. His action, which was joined by 8 other senators, reflects the growing concern about the presence of asbestos. Montana has been hit especially hard with asbestos-related diseases and deaths, which resulted from a vermiculite mine in the Troy and Libby areas. The W.R. Grace Mining Disaster In 1963, the Zonolite mining operations took hold in the Libby area of Montana. The mine was massive, producing about ... Read more

7 Surprising Places Lead Could Be Lurking

Lead and lead poisoning are serious dangers, with symptoms ranging from developmental issues to death. There is no such thing as a safe level of lead in an environment, and yet, lead is prevalent in many homes, whether the owners know it or not. Lead exposure is often impossible to reverse, so being on the offensive and finding lead before it takes its toll is the best way to combat it. Here are seven places your home could be harboring dangerous lead: 1. ... Read more