What You Need to Know About Omicron BA-5

Although it is fair to say that the COVID-19 pandemic is not anywhere close to what it was in 2020, that doesn’t mean the threat is over. In fact, the latest variant is causing an uprise in infections around the world.  

The latest is a variant of Omicron. Its spread started off quietly, but now it has gained more prominence as it has reached around the world. The World Health Organization has classified it as a “variant of concern”. And while so far it seemingly does not present the same level of danger compared to the original COVID-19 virus of 2020, it is starting to alarm health officials around the world. 

What is the Omicron BA-5 Subvariant? 

BA-5 along with BA-4 are subvariants of Omicron that first emerged from South Africa over a year ago. While BA-4 has made some progress, BA-5 has become far more prolific. And while the infection rate in South Africa has declined, this variant has been on the rise in Europe, most notably in Portugal. 

Of the different subvariants of Omicron, BA-5 seems to be the most transmissible. However, like Omicron itself the severity of the infections are considerably milder compared to the Delta variant and the original COVID outbreak of 2020. 

Hospitalizations & Death Caused by Omicron BA-5

The good news about the BA-5 variant is that while the number of people infected is growing daily, the number of those being hospitalized and dying from the virus is considerably smaller compared to previous variants.

This is the natural course of most viruses which start off in their most deadly forms. And once vaccines and immunization shots are delivered, change into less deadly, but more transmissible forms. This does not mean that people should lower their guard. BA-5 may still cause unforeseen complications in those who are unprotected.

Are Boosters Effective? 

Boosters for the COVID-19 virus are effective because they lower the severity of the symptoms that are experienced. However, they do not prevent a person from becoming infected. It should be noted that no vaccine prevents infection. What it does do is allow the body’s own immune system to react quickly to stop the infection right away thus minimizing the symptoms. 

We do not understand the long-term consequences for those infected by Omicron BA-5. But what is known is that for the most part, the symptoms appear to be mild for most, and in rare cases, there is a more serious reaction. 

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For more information on Omicron BA-5, click here to visit the CDC website.