First and foremost, there is no one solution for soil remediation for in Southern California there is not one type of soil. In Southern California we have a range of soil types from very fine grained to coarse grained. Therefore, it is impossible to have a single blanket solution that will apply to every site within the area of Southern California we serve.

At Brickley environmental, we primarily are called to focus on soil contaminants with asbestos, lead, heavy metals, dioxins, petroleum hydrocarbons etc.

When it actually comes to a soil remediation issue than all factors must be consider for not one solution can and/or will apply.

Removing contaminants, such as petroleum hydrocarbons or solvents, from the soil then the type of soil impacted, will govern the remediation procedure. Leaks that have reached significant depths within the soil will preclude excavation as an option. As an example, a large (deep) leak is best handled by leaving the impacted soil in place and removing the gasoline vapors through wells – also known as vapor extraction.

For small leaks and dependent upon the soil type, the remediation will typically involve excavation of the impacted soil and then appropriate disposal of impacted soil to safe areas.

Impacting the soil remediation task will also be impacted by a strategic emphasis for the property in question. If the property is unoccupied, then a low impact strategy may be applied. However, if the property is unoccupied but slated for imminent redevelopment, then the strategic remediation approach must address this issue. Or if the property is currently occupied, leased, and the property owners want a minimal disturbance to the occupants, then of course another strategic remediation approach must be applied. In summary, every situation requires specific attention and an individual remediation strategy.

Therefore, for specific recommendations and procedures required to manage your soil contamination and remediation issues, the best solution is to call Brickley Environmental who are the experts and more importantly have the expertise for soil remediation issues throughout All of Southern California.