Reduce Air Pollution in California


In recent years, California has led the way to reduce air pollution. While many of the efforts have been successful, California still suffers from extensive air pollution issues that affect over 90% of the people living in the state. Today, California is home to six of the top ten cities with the worst smog in the US. 

Effort to reduce air pollution along with shrinking its carbon footprint will require an effort from all residents of the state. Below are a few steps to help reduce pollution in your community.

Use the Sun

Adding solar panels is a great way to reduce pollution generated from power plants that run on fossil fuels. Another thing you can do during the day is turn off the lights and open the blinds. Allowing the sunlight to work for you means using less energy.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Lowering your thermostat by one degree in the winter and raising it one degree in the summer can help lower air pollution and your electricity bills as well.

Become Energy Conscious

When you are not using electric devices such as computers, printers, chargers, and similar equipment, unplug them from the outlet. Even when off, such devices continue to use electricity.

Add Insulation

Make sure your home maximizes the space reserved for insulation. The more insulation present, the more the air inside the home is trapped and the air outside the home stays outside. Consider adding protection to your windows or use storm windows that have insulating factors.


Cut down on how much you use your vehicle, instead consider these options:

  • Walk or Ride a Bike
  • Take Public Transportation
  • Stay Within the Speed Limit
  • Properly Maintain Your Vehicle
  • Drive Less on Unhealthy Air Days

One of the best ways to reduce air pollution is to combine different trips into one. If your vehicle is going to be idle for an extended period, shut it off instead.

Consider Low to Zero Emission Vehicles

If you are shopping for a new vehicle, look for the cars or trucks that have a low or zero carbon and air pollution emissions. One of the biggest contributors to the smog that many in California suffer from is vehicles, especially when driving for long periods of time.

A low to zero emission vehicle will considerably reduce the amount of emissions. When everyone is driving a low to zero emission vehicle, the reduction could be massive.

Remember to employ efforts to reduce air pollution when you can. Every instance can help reduce the unhealthy air that affects you, your family, and the people living in California.

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