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Despite a nationwide effort to remove lead contamination from buildings and residences, children in the Bay Area and downtown Los Angeles are still being diagnosed with lead poisoning. With the focus of lead removal efforts being in the Rust Belt and along the East Coast, it seems that California was overlooked.

Lead used to be commonly found in paints, gasoline, and plumbing. It took several studies to confirm that lead poisoning in children caused a considerable and irreversible impact on their health, including impairment of cognitive functions along with attention disorders. After a wave of public reports, lead was banned from new paints, gasoline, and plumbing fixtures across the US in the 1970s. However, despite extensive efforts to remove the sources of lead from homes and buildings built before its banning, lead contamination is still an issue.

In one area of Fresno, California alone, 13.6% of children under the age of six who were tested for the presence of lead came back positive and at high levels. Even during the height of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, the number of children affected was 5%. At least 29 neighborhoods in California had children where their lead poisoning levels were on par with those from Flint.

While there have been extensive efforts in many communities across California and the US to remove sources of lead, poor children tend to fall through the cracks. Some areas in California, including some of the most populated, have lead contamination issues that have gone unchecked for many years. Only now is the problem being reexamined thanks to these recent revelations that will most likely reveal even more lead contamination in California.

Unfortunately, while testing children will expose lead poisoning, it does not expose the source of the contamination. Such sources may include tainted drinking water, old lead-based paints, or contaminated soil. This means that until the sources are positively identified, more children will be at risk for lead poisoning that if left unchecked will lead to serious health issued in the future.

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