Protecting Our Oceans

As pollution becomes a growing concern, especially for the oceans, many families are looking for ways to reduce the pollutants and trash that they generate. And while many steps have been taken over the years, the growing population combined with greater use of disposable items has made protecting the oceans more difficult. 

You may think that there is little which can be done, at least by a single family. But when the efforts of one family are combined with many others, that can make a huge difference in protecting life in the ocean. All it takes is starting small and doing what you can to help sustain marine life. And it makes for a fun family project as well. 

With the recent celebration of World Ocean Day, here are a few tips you and your family can follow to help protect our oceans. 

Reduce Single Use Plastics 

One of the biggest pollutants in the oceans is single use plastic items. From water bottles to plastic bags, straws, and packaging, over eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. By reducing the number of plastic products that we use, families can keep more of it from winding up in the ocean. 

Start by assessing how much plastic is being used in your home and then take steps to curb its use. Refillable bottles, not using straws, and properly disposing of plastic packaging can go a long way towards protecting our oceans. 

Respect Sea Life

The ocean was made for everyone to enjoy. But you and your family can help protect marine life by being respectful of nesting sea turtles, coral reef systems, and the like when on vacation. In addition, you can reduce the usage of materials from the ocean by not purchasing items made from coral, tortoise shells, or sharks which are common at seaside retail businesses. 

The less you purchase such items, the less in-demand they will be, the more such creatures will be left alone. 

Purchase Sustainable Seafood Products

Overfishing is one of the greatest concerns that many have with protecting ocean life. You can help contribute to protecting such life by purchasing seafood that came from fisheries and farms. It’s easy to tell by looking for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) labels.

By purchasing seafood from fisheries and farms, you can help reduce fishing in the oceans. This reduction will help protect marine life. 

Learn More about the Oceans

Perhaps the best way to initiate change is to learn more about life in the ocean and what effect we have on it. From watching videos and documentaries to visiting museums dedicated to ocean life to art exhibitions and more, there is much you can do to help educate your family on how we can protect the ocean and its inhabitants. 

There is much you and your family can do to protect marine life. By reducing the use of plastics, purchasing sustainable seafood products, and educating yourself more about the impact of pollutants, the more your family can contribute to protecting life under the sea.  

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