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The dangers of lead have been known for decades and both state and federal government entities have taken substantial steps to eliminate lead from a wide variety of products, including gasoline and paint. However, lead is still present in some products, most notably car or vehicle batteries. This has prompted the State of California to charge a fee to both retailers and produces of lead batteries to curb their use.

Fees for Purchase or Sale of Lead-Acid Batteries

Those who purchase or sell lead batteries in California are subject to a new fee that went into effect on April 1st, 2017. The Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Act, which was passed in 2016, created two new fees that are applied to the purchase and manufacture of such batteries.

There is a $1 battery fee that is applied to the purchase and a $1 fee on the manufacturer, wholesaler, dealer, or other retailer or distributer. The fee on manufacturers will increase to $2 on April 1st, 2022. Dealers may charge customers for the required fee and retain 1.5% of the fee for reimbursement to pay for the costs in collecting the fee.

Essentially, the new law means that $1 is charged for every battery sold and purchased which is designed to increase the price and thus have consumers, retailers, and manufacturers turn towards batteries that contain little to no lead. While lead-acid batteries will still be at the forefront of car battery sales for the next several years, eventually they will be eliminated from production and the threat they pose will be even further reduced.

What is a Lead-Acid Battery?

This is a battery found in vehicles and it usually weighs more than 11 pounds. Its composition inside the casing is a combination of sulfuric acid and lead which can hold at least six volts of power. This provides a high-energy start to internal combustion engines found in vehicles and watercraft. Also, it can independently power such vehicles when used in multiples and provide stationary power for emergency uses.

However, lead is a known poison that causes brain damage and impairment, especially in children. While exposure to lead from batteries of this nature is rare, the threat is such that California has enacted this legislation.

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