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In South Carolina, a bill was introduced into the State House, which if approved, will change the way mold removal is performed in the state. The bill seeks to employ greater oversight into how mold is removed in public buildings. A committee will be formed to examine the scope of the issue and how best to remove any mold that is in place.

The co-sponsors of the bill are responding to recent issues in the Cherokee County schools, Spartanburg County courthouse, and public housing in Greenville that have dealt with the presence of mold. The goal of the committee is to come up with an informed recommendation to the General Assembly about how mold removal in public buildings can be performed in the future.

How Mold Became an Issue

Mold is present virtually everywhere, but it presents little threat to public health or the state of buildings until it attaches itself to organic materials and begins to grow. In moist areas, mold can grow virtually anywhere. The people of South Carolina have faced the threat of mold in the past given their location and nature of climate. However, only recently has the threat of mold been dealt with in a serious manner in terms of their public buildings.

South Carolina’s warm and humid climate leads to the growth of mold. In large public buildings, especially those that are aging and may need repair, the threat of mold growth is a viable one. This may be in part because older structures have more cracks or holes that allow moisture to enter and mold to take hold. Left unchecked, mold becomes a serious issue for the health of buildings and people.

Once the mold attaches itself to the interior of a wall, it can grow rapidly and consume the organic materials, such as wood. This, in turn, weakens the structure. Another threat is the spores created by the mold, which affect the health of those who live or work inside.

Left unchecked, mold can severely damage residences and buildings. Some to the point where repairs become incredibly expensive and in rare cases, the structure must be torn down. Whether a building serves the public or is home to your family, it is important to address the presence of mold with the right team of experts.

Brickley Environmental is Here for You

If you suspect that your residence or building has mold, please call the experts at Brickley Environmental. The presence of mold may have a profound effect on the structure and those living or working inside. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to identify the presence of mold and remove it quickly from your home, office, or facility.

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