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Lead is a metal pigment that was used in paints for many decades thanks to its long-lasting properties. However, it was discovered in the early 1970s that lead is a neurotoxin that may cause brain damage when consumed or breathed in by people and pets. In 1978, lead paint was banned in the US, but before that year it was used to paint most homes, offices, and facilities. If your home or building was constructed before 1978, there is a good chance lead paint still exists on the property.

It should be noted that lead paint is harmless as long as it still adheres to the surface, or when covered by other paints or sealants. However, once it starts to chip or peel, the lead can easily contaminate the air and be inhaled or ingested by people or pets.

Addressing the Dangers of Lead Paint


Lead paint is relatively easy to identify. If you suspect that it is present in your home or building, a professional lead paint removal company can have samples of the paint tested in a lab. If the results come back positive, you will need to take the steps necessary for its removal. Although the paint may be harmless now, at some point it will present a danger as it starts to chip or peel.


The removal process is generally accomplished by first spreading out drop cloths that catch the paint chips that fall from the walls or ceiling. Once the removal process is complete, the drop cloths are simply rolled up and disposed of in the proper manner.

The surfaces are wetted down to prevent the paint from going airborne when scraped or sanded from the surface. Those removing the paint wear approved respirators to prevent inhaling the dust and everyone else leaves the area for their protection.

Once all the lead paint is collected and removed, those who performed the task will launder their clothing and shower thoroughly to remove even the smallest particle. This will ensure their protection and help protect others with whom they might come into contact.

It is recommended that you hire a qualified, licensed, and insured professional lead paint removal company. Their trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to do the job safely.

How Brickley Environmental Removes Lead Paint

At Brickley Environmental, we offer the best in lead paint removal services to protect those who occupy or work on the property. We use the proper equipment as our trained personnel remove the paint in a safe, secure manner. Once removed, the lead paint is properly disposed of so that the residence or building is now safe to live or work.

If your home, office, or facility was constructed before 1978, you may want to check for the presence of lead pain. Please call our offices and talk to our friendly, courteous staff who will explain our services, answer your questions, and can send out a representative to see if your property has lead paint present. The sooner you know your home, office, or facility has lead paint, the faster it can be properly disposed.

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