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For businesses that need more space for offices, buildings, or facilities, it can be an expensive proposition to buy or rent new space. However, thanks to interior strip-outs, businesses can redesign the space they have for maximum efficiency. This form of demolition allows for new walls, flooring, and ceilings to be put in so that the interior space is better used.

What is an Interior Strip-Out?  

An interior strip-out is a demolition of the interior of a building, taking out all structures save for the supporting columns. This means that everything inside the building is stripped down to its essential supports so that it can be redesigned to create new space for offices, working areas, and other types of rooms. The strip-out is a complete process which means that all items that need to be saved will have to be removed first.

The work of an interior strip-out begins long before that process starts, however, as a new floor design will have to be created. This means that businesses that want to change their interior space will need to know what they want the space to look like afterwards, before starting the strip-out process.

How Interior Strip-Outs Works

You will want to have your new interior design in place along with the materials and company performing the rebuild before the interior strip-out process begins. Once that is in-place, the demolition company will provide an estimated time for removal.

All items that are to be saved are removed first and stored. All remaining items are then removed by the demolition company. Once everything that isn’t nailed down is taken away, the interior strip-out process begins. It starts by removing all non-supporting structures inside the building. This means that the walls, ceiling, and flooring may be removed in total, leaving only the supporting structures behind, which are usually columns that hold the building intact.

All debris is placed into dumpsters that are removed from the premises. Once the demolition process is complete, the area is cleaned and prepared for the new flooring, walls, and ceiling to be put into place.

How Brickley Environmental Works for You

With Brickley Environmental, you can have a proper demolition of the interior so that new spaces can be created. With years of experienced, Brickley Environmental offers the best in demolition services, including removal of all unwanted materials so that a new interior design can be built inside virtually any existing structure.

We offer many demolition and removal services. Our interior strip-out process is one of the most popular, providing you with a new space to redesign the working areas inside your business. We pride ourselves in being prompt, complete, and thorough in our approach to stripping out the inside of buildings in a manner that makes it easy for the new structures to be created.

If you are considering an interior strip-out, call Brickley Environmental. We are properly licensed, insured, and provide you with the best interior strip-out services.

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