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Business owners must get proper legal representation and do what is necessary to rid their buildings, facilities, and warehouses of mold before the threat of litigation is made. The same is true for homeowners where mold infestation can have dire financial consequences in terms of property damage and litigation by affected parties.

Recent Court Cases About Mold Exposure

For the most part, exposure to mold spores results in allergic reactions, skin irritations, and other minor issues. In rare cases, individuals have suffered from more serious effects.

McCarney vs. PA Lex Glen, LLC: The presence of mold in an apartment building combined with the plaintiff requiring sinus surgery in which mold spores were removed has allowed the case to proceed to trial court.

Virginia Military Housing: The case of 19 military families living in housing that contains mold have filed claims for damages and it is heading to trial where the plaintiffs have sued for a reported $8 million.

University of Pennsylvania: In one of the worst cases of mold poisoning, five patients who had undergone transplants died because of nosocomial fungal infections caused when mold spores were pulled into the negative pressure rooms used to limit the chance of infection.

A new source of potential mold litigation may come from the legalization of cannabis. Marijuana plants attract mold which means that improper growing conditions are leading to a rise in fungal infections.

It is clear from the summation of recent court cases the presence of mold may be sufficient for plaintiffs to sue and have their case heard in court. This means that business owners, property owners, and homeowners must be wary of being sued over mold-related issues. The identification and removal of mold from their property is the only sure way to lower the chances of litigation from mold-related issues.

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