Millions of People Will Be Exposed to Health Threatening Heat by 2050



Over the next quarter century, one of the biggest threats to the health of humans on Earth is predicted to be extreme heat. The ever-growing problem of climate change is only predicted to get worse if the amount of carbon emissions rises over the next 25 years.

Despite alternative power sources increasing, the reliance on fossil fuels, particularly in growing countries around the world sees no abatement soon. The result is that more people will be put in danger because they lack the ability to get out of the extreme heat conditions.

A recent study from the ICC Climate center predicts that at least 25 million people in disadvantaged communities across the US will be exposed to the dangers of extreme heat. This assumes that carbon emissions remain moderate over that time.

However, if the amount of carbon emissions increases considerably, the number could go as high as 53 million people in danger. Currently, there are 8 million people who are exposed, many of whom live in California. Communities that are currently struggling with pollution combined with a lack of proper investment means that their numbers could grow considerably.

Dangers of Rising Heat

While communities that are in hot areas today are at risk, the real danger is that the heat will creep into areas that are considerably cooler. The lack of preparation means that they could suffer to a greater degree if the heat rises.

Because in cooler areas, they lack the proper air conditioning and mental conditioning that people in hotter areas currently experience. In other words, people who are less prepared for rises in temperatures may be in greater danger compared to those who live in even hotter areas today. But there are other risk factors as well.

  • Average Age of Population
  • Pre-existing Health Conditions
  • Lack of Tree Canopies
  • Insufficient Infrastructure

People who are older and suffer from medical conditions are more vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat. This means more medical emergencies and even shorter lifespans in extreme cases

The lack of tree canopies means fewer places to find relief from the heat when outdoors. While many communities do have trees, industrial areas and many disadvantaged communities have fewer trees on average. 

Proper infrastructure is more than just having air conditioners either in the home, at work, or at designated relief centers. It has the electrical capacity and a robust grid that makes it all work. Many communities, especially those in cooler areas today simply do not have the capacity to handle the increased electrical load.

For Californians, this means while those in the southern part of the state may suffer from greater temperatures, the real danger is for those in the northern part where they are not used to the heat and lack proper resources and infrastructure.

The effects of extreme heat are only predicted to grow over time. The sooner that changes can be made, the better prepared people will be when the time comes.

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