Lead Contamination Near L.A. County Battery Recycling Plant

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In March of last year, a L.A. County battery recycling plant that had long emitted dangerous pollutants was closed. Before the Exide Technologies plant shut down, as many as 10,000 homes were contaminated with poisonous lead. The California Department of Toxic Substance has done a survey of 1,000 properties in the surrounding neighborhoods and found that all contained lead contamination in varying degrees.

Children suffer the most from toxic lead contamination. Analysis by the state Department of Health revealed that 3.58% of young children within a mile of the lead recycling plant had an elevated level of toxic metal in their blood, as compared to children who lived farther away from the plant. This high level of toxic lead mixing in the blood can cause learning disabilities and other developmental problems.

To clean up such a large-scale contamination will take years and cost millions of dollars. Communities affected by the contamination are understandably angry that state regulators did not act sooner to stop the plant. The plant operated for 33 years without a full permit, and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control did little to act on the more than 100 violations reported by inspectors until 2013.

What can this case tell us about lead poisoning? In part, it shows that we must take responsibility for our neighborhood’s safety by preemptively removing potential sources of lead and other toxins. The simplest method for preventing lead poisoning in particular is the removal of lead-based paint, a service Brickley Environmental provides to homes and workplaces in the Southern California area.

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