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The destruction and removal of a building requires many steps. One of the most important is called the strip-out, a process that is vital towards ensuring that the building is ready for the final demolition process.

What is an Interior Strip Out?

This is when all the internal materials of the building, save for the supporting structure, is removed. All the parts that can be removed without compromising the structural integrity of the building are taken out so that the final process of the demolition can begin. The items that are taken out include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Internal Walls & Wall Linings
  • Flooring & Plumbing
  • Lighting & Cabling


If the structure contains asbestos materials, the strip-out can prepare for their removal as well. This process works for offices, facilities, and residential housing. Essentially, everything that is inside the building which can be removed without compromising the structure which would put those inside in danger. This service is performed when the building is going to be taken down or when the interior is going to be totally remodeled.

What Happens to the Materials Removed?

Depending on the nature of the items removed, they can be thrown away, recycled, or sold for reduced prices. There are many companies and individuals that may benefit from purchasing or obtaining the materials removed from the building during this process. All materials that are not salvageable are properly disposed and those that can be used again are sent to recycling plants.

Benefits of Interior Strip-Outs

There are several advantages to conducting the strip-out process to your building or residence, but arguably the most important is that it allows you to start all over again in the same structure. This means that you can remove walls and reshape the entire interior for considerably less than buying a building or home of similar size.

You can redesign your new interior to fit the needs of your company or family while bringing in new materials which upgrades the structure. Another benefit is that you may be able to sell some of the items that are removed, such as old equipment, office furniture, and the like before the strip-out process begins.

How to Prepare for the Strip-Out

The first step is knowing what you want to accomplish. If you are planning to remodel the entire interior, it is best that you have your plans ready for its new appearance before starting the demolition process. By having your goals known to the company performing the strip-out, they can work to ensure that the process is done to your specifications.

Contact the Right Demolition Company

If you are looking to have your office, home, or facility undergo an interior strip-out, call the professionals at Brickley Environmental. They offer the knowledge and expertise to remove everything inside the structure quickly and efficiently. Whether you are preparing the building for full demolition or want to remodel all the interior, Brickley Environmental is here for you.

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