How to Properly Recycle Your Electronics

E-waste has become one of the largest refuse issues in the world. With many containing toxic substances, it is imperative that you recycle such devices whenever possible. To properly recycle electronics, you will need to know what places accept electronic items.

If you have old electronic devices like outdated cell phones, chargers, and more, there are ways to safely recycle them, so they do not wind up in a landfill. Below are a few places to take such devices so either their parts or the entire item can be used again. 

Recycling Locations

Before you start the recycling process, remove any personal information. In addition, remove any batteries as they may need to be recycled separately. Plus, any broken parts should be put into bags so that any hazardous material inside does not leak. 

You should be able to find all recycling centers that accept e-waste through your local directory. You can also go online to places such as Call2Recycle which takes rechargeable batteries and cell phones across the US. 

Plus, if you go to Computer Technology Association and visit their recycling locator page or the recycling database at Earth911, you can enter your zip code and find any recycling centers that are near you. 


But what if you have devices that still work or perhaps could be made to work again? Then you can donate your items to a nonprofit or charity organization that accepts them. There are local organizations that cater to seniors and those who may not have the budget to purchase new devices that can use your old ones. 

Plus, you can get a receipt that can be used to deduct the taxes from next year’s income tax form, so you can benefit in that way. Places such as Dell Reconnect which works with Goodwill, eBay for Charity, and the World Computer Exchange are places that will accept donations of working items or items that need a little work to become operational again. 

Tech Companies 

Another option to recycle your electronic devices is to take them to a tech firm. There are many manufacturers along with retailers that will properly recycle electronics or refurbish them for other uses. 

You can also check with other large and local tech companies to see what type of recycling program they offer. Just remember that you have several options, so choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Understanding how to properly recycle electronics not only means a cleaner, safer world, but it also means that others will benefit from what you no longer need. Proper recycling means less e-waste which protects the environment while allowing others to enjoy the benefits of technology.  

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