How to Prepare Your House for Hurricane Season


A hurricane cloud forming over land.If you live near the ocean, then you are subject to the possibility of a hurricane or other powerful storm striking your area. Even if you live in a location that only sees powerful storms occasionally, you should prepare your house and have a plan for hurricane season. 

Creating a Plan 

The first step in any plan is to assess what may happen and what you need to do. What follows are a few steps that will help you best prepare should a hurricane threaten to strike. 

Emergency Phone Numbers: Write down emergency phone numbers which should include the police, fire department, and all emergency services. If it’s 911, that not only makes it easy, but you should put that in your phone contacts list if it isn’t already there. 

Emergency Supply Kit: You should keep an emergency supply kit in the home and a smaller one in each vehicle. The kit should consist of the following. 

  • Food & Water: 72 hours for each person
  • Medicine: Primary medications for each person
  • Flashlights & Batteries 
  • Full Gas Tank
  • Personnel & Safety Items: Items that protect you and provide comfort.
  • Documents: Including passports, wills, personal identification, and medical documents 
  • Fire Extinguisher: Fires are a big danger after hurricanes. Have at least one in your home 

Having these items ready will help you cut down on preparation time.

Shelters: Get to know the location of shelters that are designated to protect people both during and after a hurricanes. Knowing this before a hurricane strikes can save you valuable time. Also, if you have relatives who are out of the hurricane strike zone and within driving distance, plan on staying with them and leaving your home well before the danger builds. 

Pets: Some shelters may not take pets, so identify a pet-friendly shelter or hotel. This is where having a good friend or relative out of harms way can help as well. 

Getting Your Home Ready 

Now that you, your family, and pets are ready, it’s time to make your home ready for the hurricane. 

Remove Loose Objects from Your Yard: Take in anything that can blow around during the hurricane. Including lawn furniture, bicycles, grills, building materials, and the like. If you can pick it up, then it should be moved inside. 

Cover Windows & Doors: If you have storm shutters installed or have access to plywood, cover the windows so that the glass is protected. Same is true for doors so they are not blown off their hinges. 

Have Plenty of Water: Purchase five-gallon containers for your drinking water. Fill sinks and the bathtub for cleaning. 

Power Switch: Turn the power off if you see downed power lines or flooding that is approaching your home. If you evacuate, turn the power off before you go to lower the chances of a fire occurring. 

Finally, know when to leave. Keep in mind that the later you decide to evacuate, the more traffic you will run into. Either leave early or stay for the duration. But make the choice that is best for you and your family. 

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