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Over the past decade, the work to remove asbestos from the roofing materials of both private and public buildings has reached 56 percent completion in Rwanda. While impressive, the reason why the work is not being completed faster is because of the budget restraints faced by authorities. Funding shortfalls have slowed down the work to remove the roofing materials that have been infused with asbestos.

Why Asbestos?

Considering the 125 million people exposed to asbestos and roughly 107,000 people who die each year around the world from asbestos-related diseases, it may seem strange that this material was used for rooftops.

However, asbestos offers many advantages, such as its fireproof nature, which helps prevent fires from starting on the roof itself. As well, asbestos is excellent at thermal control, which means to replace it will require structural walls to be raised to maintain the same temperature levels.

Why Budget Shortfalls are Occurring

There are a few reasons why budget shortfalls are occurring, but for the most part, it is the combination of lower budgets and the expense of removing the asbestos. The resistance by homeowners who have this type of roofing material has gone down, thanks in large to education programs designed to inform the public of the long-term dangers of asbestos.

In terms of public buildings, the removal process is proceeding at a steady pace. It is believed that by the end of 2021, all asbestos materials will be removed from government buildings and facilities, assuming that the budget holds. For private home and property owners, the clearing out of asbestos may take longer because they have to cover the bill.

The cost to a private homeowner is considerable since the asbestos roofing material not only has to be removed, but new material has to be put into place, such as iron sheets. Adding in the labor, painting, and other needs, it can be an expensive proposition.

Additionally, there is the cost of disposing of the asbestos. Currently, Rwanda has 14 disposal sites for asbestos across the country. This means that a trip to the disposal site may be considerable depending on the distance involved.

For individuals having difficulty coming up with the funds necessary to replace the asbestos on their own, the Catholic Church has offered some monetary assistance. While relatively small, it has managed to lower the cost of removal for the homeowners.

How Brickley Environmental Can Help

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