Earth Day 2024

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd in the US. Around the world, it is often recognized as the day of the spring equinox.

The day was inspired by the growing environmental movement of the 1960s. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, along with Denis Hayes who was a graduate student at Harvard, created the first Earth Day on April 22nd, 1970.

Earth Day was a big hit on that day, over 20 million people attended events around the US. The result was the bolstering of existing legislation to protect the environment, such as updating the Clean Air Act in 1973 and creating the Endangered Species Act in 1973.

By 1990, a global Earth Day was created with over 200 million people participating in over 140 countries. Earth Day is now a true international event designed to raise awareness of environmental issues which include renewable energy and global warming. 

How You Can Celebrate Earth Day

There are several ways that you can celebrate Earth Day. While attending events and participating in parades that take place in your community is one way, there are plenty of other activities that you and your family can do.

Plant a Tree: Perhaps the most common and symbolic means of participation is to plant a tree. Trees not only provide shade from the sun, but they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. 

Use Alternative Transportation: Choose a day to walk, ride your bike, or take alternate transportation to your destination. Take the day to appreciate the beauty around you. Plus, you can save on gasoline and reduce carbon emissions by using alternatives to your gas-powered vehicle.

Reduce Water Usage: One way to celebrate Earth Day every day is by looking at ways to conserve the usage of water. It can be as simple as repairing a leaky toilet, bath, or pipe. Below are other ways to conserve water.

  • Put in a Water-Saving Shower Head
  • Only Run the Dishwasher When It is Full
  • Purchase Plants and Trees that Require Little in the Way of Water
  • Turning Off the Water When Brushing Your Teeth

Another way to conserve water and reduce waste is by using reusable bags, refillable water bottles, and shopping locally for produce.

Make your plans to celebrate Earth Day and continue to keep it in your heart year round. Earth Day is more than a celebration, it is an acknowledgement of our relationship with nature. We must protect and preserve our environment so that future generations can enjoy the splendor of our home.

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