Benefits of Residential Solar

With rising energy prices, the advantages of solar energy are becoming more obvious everyday. Adding solar panels to your home offers pollution-free, renewable clean power that you can rely on, even when the electricity from the power plants is off.

But what are the pros of installing solar panels for your home? The benefits are several if you decide to add solar panels to your residence.

Save Money

The first and most obvious of the advantages is that you can save money on your monthly electric bill. Because the solar panels are adding electricity to your home, you are using less power from the power company. The result is that you save money each month when using the energy generated from the sun.

Keep the Power On

When the power goes off, you are no longer stuck in the dark. Solar panels come with battery storage, meaning that even in the middle of the night you still have electricity that can last for hours. You can run the essentials in your home such as the refrigerator, air conditioning, heating, and other necessities long after the power goes out.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Providing a pollution-free power solution means that you are reducing the carbon footprint of your residence. The result is greater peace of mind, as you know the power that is being generated from a source that does not emit carbon dioxide, does not require digging or drilling into the earth, and will not pollute the environment.

Increase Sale Value of Your Home

Of the many additions you can make to your home, adding solar panels is one that has demonstrated a rise in sale value. Many people looking for a new home see the value of having solar energy providing electricity. When added to other renovations, such as improving the kitchen or bathroom, you may get a higher offer for your home. 

This increase in value is more commonly associated with those who purchase the solar panels rather than use a third-party owned system.


Thanks to tax credits at the federal and state level, you can save money when purchasing solar energy for your home. The federal residential solar tax credit means you can claim a 30% tax credit on the cost of solar panels to your home. This tax credit is set to be reduced to 26% by 2033, but even then, you can still claim considerable savings when making the purchase.

It should be noted that there are a few downsides to adding solar panels to your home. Most notably the upfront cost is still considerable. Plus, it can be difficult to take the solar panels with you in case you move from your home. But such issues are rather minor compared to the considerable advantages that are gained.

Solar energy has been the alternate, renewable clean power solution for decades. Adding solar panels to your home generates advantages that provide you with pollution-free power at a lower cost. You can save money when paying for solar panels and you save money by cutting down on your electric bill each month.

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