Oil Wells and Their Negative Effects on the Environment and Living Close to Them 


Although fossil fuels are still an important part of providing power for vehicles and the electrical grid, they come with many negative effects in terms of the environment and those who live close to them. With studies that date back decades, the negative effects of being near oil and gas wells have been properly noted. 

But what are the negative effects that homeowners might expect if they live near oil or gas wells? The answer begins with the contaminants found in such areas and how they can affect the health of you and your family. 

Air Pollution

In one study by Stanford University, researchers discovered that those living within 2.5 miles of an oil or gas well experienced a higher degree of air pollution. This higher level resulted in greater negative health effects for those who lived nearby. Particularly those who lived downwind from the oil or gas wells themselves. 

Disrupting Wildlife

Although all human activity influences wildlife, oil and gas wells are particularly notorious for changing established patterns of wild creatures. This includes disrupting the nesting and breeding of a wide range of species. 

Such effects are magnified on wildlife that migrates. Having to pass near oil and gas wells not only changes their well-established patterns of travel, but the negative health effects also influence their breeding and the raising of their young. The result is a greater risk of lower wildlife populations all due to the presence of fossil fuel-producing sites. 

Negative Health Effects

The measured effects ranged from mild, allergic symptoms to more serious health concerns. Being located near oil and gas wells may increase the likelihood of heart disease, and premature birth, and augment the negative effects of asthma. 

For those susceptible to allergies and respiratory illness, the presence of oil and gas wells means increased exposure to toxic particles in the air. From carbon monoxide to volatile organic compounds or VOCs, the adverse health risks increase when exposure to these chemicals occurs. 

Climate Change Concerns

The increased amount of pollutants, particularly greenhouse gases, has a negative impact on the Earth’s ability to regulate temperature. The result is a warming climate that may lead to catastrophic effects in our lifetime. 

Both in terms of where the oil and gas are produced and how they are used means detrimental effects on our climate. Lowering greenhouse gas emissions starts by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. 

Other Effects

The most widely known is when oil spills occur. The effect they have on wildlife can be devastating. And while the big spills get all the media attention, it is the more frequent smaller spills and contamination of surrounding environments that do the most damage over time. 

Add to this side effects such as increased light pollution, the odorous smell, and the generally dirty nature of oil and gas wells and you have a substantial effect on the environment. The only recourse is to begin the move away from petroleum-based products which will reduce the presence of oil and gas wells. 

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