How to Safely Drink Water

Nearly all the faucets in the US that dispense drinking water contain chemicals linked to cancer and other health issues. Known as “forever chemicals,” they can be found in the drinking water of cities, towns, and communities across the US. The chemicals themselves come from a wide range of items from food-packaging, water-resistant clothing, and nonstick pans that make their way into the groundwater. 

Despite the discoveries of forever chemicals in drinking water, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) report does not make any recommendations about what to do. What can be done is to have your drinking water tested and get more information from local and state authorities about the presence of unwanted chemicals. While the US Environmental Protection Agency has made proposals, no action is expected to be taken for at least a year, if not longer. 

US Drinking Water Research

Concerns about forever chemicals in the drinking water have been around for decades. But it was only in the past several years that federal and state officials began heavily testing for these chemicals. The testing ranged from water sources in schools, offices, residential areas, and even national parks that have no known source of forever chemicals. 

The results from the studies show that an estimated 45% of the water faucets tested showed elements of forever chemicals. The areas with the greatest concentration were found along the coastal areas, particularly the Eastern Seaboard and California. The Great Lakes and cities in the Great Plains also show concentrations of unwanted chemicals.

The areas with the least amount were rural areas of the country. In fact, many rural areas showed no traces at all. 

What Can You Do? 

The most important step is to have the water tested in your home. Since signs of disease or illness caused by the forever chemicals may take years or even decades to appear, you should not wait for any symptoms to appear. 

If you live in an urban area, along the coast, or near the Great Lakes, then you should have the water tested. That’s because the distribution of harmful chemicals is more robust in urban areas, meaning that even if you are far away from a potential source, your water may still be contaminated. 

If you live in a rural area, particularly if you have well water pumped into your home, then you are probably safe. The only exception is if you live near a potential source of chemicals which may range from manufacturing plants to poultry processing operations that may use such chemicals. 

If the drinking water tests positive, you can use filters to remove the contaminants. This includes detachable sink filters which are connected directly to the faucets to refrigerated filters that clean the water you have drawn from the faucet and placed into a container. 

You can have safe drinking water in your home when you use the right filters. Whether you use filters attached to the faucet itself or refrigerated filters, you can protect your family from the forever chemicals found in drinking water across the US. 

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