Update on Climate Action Plans in California

Across California, the Climate Action Plan or CAP is being expanded by communities such as San Diego and Oceanside to reduce carbon emissions. The goal is to lower, and eventually prevent, greenhouse gases from forming which contributes to climate change. Communities across the state are creating plans to augment California’s direction over the next two decades. 

California has set the date of 2045 as the year carbon neutrality will be reached. The goals for the plan are quite ambitious and include a wide range of carbon-reducing programs. 


The plan across the state is not only to address climate change using zero-emission vehicles but also to address houses as well. The goal of local governments within the state, along with developers and business owners, is to create at least 3 million homes that are friendly to the climate by the year 2030. The homes will all have more heat pumps, electric stoves, water heaters, and washing machines that use cleaner energy. 

The plan is to reach 7 million new homes by 2035. The installation of heat pumps and electric stoves will be a priority. Gas appliances will be phased out with solar panels being added to rooftops. Other improvements include the following. 

  • Improved Ventilation
  • Battery Storage Systems
  • Updating Electrical Wiring & Circuits 

This will mean updating the current building codes for older structures. At least 50% of the investments will go towards low-income communities. 


The first Climate Action Plan was adopted in 2019 as the first phase in addressing climate change. As technology advances, updates to the CAP are needed. In Oceanside, a community that is rapidly growing, roughly 17,000 new homes are estimated to be built over the next quarter century. 

San Diego

In 2022, San Diego created a landmark Climate Action Plan which was unanimously approved by their city council. The ambitious goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. Over 4,000 residents of San Diego voiced their opinion about the plan, which includes achieving 100% power from renewable energy sources. The CAP also focuses on cleaning the air and improving the overall quality of life in the San Diego area. 

The parameters of the CAP are broad, including several different areas which affect overall quality of life: 

  • Decarbonization
  • Increase in Clean & Renewable Energy Sources
  • Use of Land & Mobility
  • Creating a Circular Economy 
  • Cleaning Up Communities 
  • Building Resilient Infrastructure & Healthier Ecosystems

As part of the plan, new climate actions are being considered. As technology changes, the goals of the local and state governments will change as well. 

For residents of California, the implementation of the Climate Action Plan will vary across the state. The overall goal is to reduce California’s carbon emissions to zero. While the goals of the CAP have yet to be set as mandatory, the overall focus will be to aid communities in changing over to new technologies and creating an environment free of human-produced greenhouse gas.

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