Cancer Survivor Fears “Dangerous” Asbestos after Finding It in His Garden

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Now here’s an interesting story from the world of asbestos.

George McCloud has survived two battles with cancer—and has now found a patch of asbestos in his garden. McCloud lives with his wife on a property in Red Kite in Downley. At the age of seventy-five, after two cancer diagnoses, he discovered asbestos when digging in his garden just over four months ago. The asbestos was promptly reported to the county, and they sent a representative to survey the scene.

Weeks later and McCloud has heard no report from the representative or the housing association. His garden is right next to a footpath, which is frequented by the locals.

In an interview, McCloud said, “My garden used to be a show garden. My son, John, won a competition. We love the garden, but now we’ve found asbestos in it. I have asbestos on my lungs. It can activate what I have already got. I got asbestos when I was in the building trade and I have had two operations to get rid of the cancer. I’ve roped the area off to protect my family and visitors, but there’s a public footpath that runs alongside my house and I can’t be here all the time to warn them.”

Another tell-tale sign of the dangers of asbestos come in the form of a pond that McCloud built beside his garden. The fish that lived in the pond died regularly and there is a high likelihood that asbestos from the garden was causing the deaths of those fish.

The bigger danger, however, is to his family and to those who live in his neighborhood. McCloud has already faced cancer twice and after years of working in that garden, it is very likely that he has been exposed to the dangerous asbestos in the soil.

The Red Kite representatives who originally investigated the asbestos claimed that it was not dangerous, there underneath his garden, but that they will remove it in the near future. The housing association has confirmed this, saying that the material is not hazardous if it is left where it is and that if he wants it removed, under the tenancy agreement, he is obligated to remove it himself. They added that because of the delay in getting back to McCloud about whether or not the asbestos in his garden was a hazard, they will now make sure that it is removed.

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