About Brickley Environmental
Brickley Environmental Brickley Environmental creates safe-and-sound schools, homes, and buildings by designing and executing safe, cost-effective containment, abatement and removal solutions.

We do it right the first time — making your profits predictable while supporting your ethical standards and reputation for excellence — and have served Southern California for over 30 years.

We live our ethics and deliver them to every project. With our extensive experience, multiple certifications, and strong safety record, we’ve earned the trust of thousands of satisfied residential, commercial and governmental clients.

Services We Provide:
Asbestos Abatement 100%
Lead-Based Paint Removal 100%
Mold Remediation 100%
Hazardous Waste 100%
Demolition 100%
Commercial Properties 100%
Residential Services 100%
Government Agencies 100%
Why Choose Us?
Who Choose Brickley Environmental?
At Brickley Environmental, we’re committed to quality, reliability, honesty and safety. We use a cost-effective project management process governed by careful planning, frequent equipment upgrades, continued technical skills training, and diligent attention to regulatory requirements.

We invest in the most highly skilled and certified personnel, and we ensure the safest possible working conditions for the benefit of both our employees and our valued customers. We hold all required licenses, and we have the insurance and bonding capabilities to meet the most demanding job specifications. No project is too large or too small.

Asbestos Abatement
At Brickley Environmental, we have 30 years’ experience providing environmental remediation services in Southern California, and asbestos abatement has been our primary focus.

All of our managers, supervisors and technicians have been trained and certified in asbestos containment and removal at EPA- and state-approved schools. In addition, our company has one of the best safety records in the industry.

Lead-Based Paint Removal
Brickley Environmental is a leading environmental remediation company with 30 years’ experience providing expert lead-based paint abatement services in Southern California.

All of our technicians have been trained and certified in lead-based paint removal, and every project supervisor that oversees a lead-based paint containment or removal project is licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health. In addition, Brickley Environmental holds the State of California General Contractors License B with a Painting C-33 classification.

Mold Remediation
At Brickley Environmental, we have 30 years’ experience providing environmental remediation services in Southern California, including expert mold removal and indoor air purification.

We perform thorough, safe mold remediation and cleanup; microbial and particulate decontamination of building components, HVAC systems, and other air delivery systems; and filter replacement in sensitive areas such as hospital morgues, laboratories, and cleanrooms.

Our technicians are fully certified, and they receive ongoing training in mold abatement and remediation practices. In addition, our company has one of the best safety records in the industry.

Hazardous Waste
Brickley Environmental has the certified personnel and necessary equipment to provide fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for the packaging, transportation, and disposal of hazardous waste.

As a licensed hauler and handler of hazardous waste with more than 30 years of experience in the environmental remediation field, we have safely removed and transported all kinds of contaminants, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), lead, asbestos, mercury, heavy metals, and more. These hazardous materials require specific packaging, manifesting, transportation, and disposal methods, and should be handled by licensed, experienced professionals familiar with all current requirements.

Demolition Services

Brickley Environmental provides Demolition services specializing in: Interior strip outs,

selective and hard demo associated with: remodels, tenant improvements, complete andpartial renovations.

Brickley separates itself from its competitors by providing: 
  • Highly trained and OSHA compliant crews where safety is always paramount.
  • Newer specialized state-of-the –art equipment.
  • Cost effective disposal/recycling options meeting the most stringent “LEED”specifications, etc.
  • A turn-key approach when environmental hazards such as asbestos, lead, and moldneed to be remediated in conjunction with demolition.
  • The convenience of coordinating with one contractor for multiple trades.

Brickley Environmental holds the required State of California C-21 demolition license.

Call The Experts: 1-800-530-3366

Brickley Environmental Senior Staff:
Jim Brickley
Jim's Bio
Jim has been active in the building trades in San Bernardino, California since 1970. He holds degrees from the University of South Dakota and Texas Christian University; and received his Doctorate from the University of Southern California.
Tom Brickley
Tom's Bio
Tom, a licensed general contractor, has 25 plus years of extensive training by numerous OSHA, EPA, DPH and United States Military accredited schools. He currently serves and represents the company as a member of the Local and State Board of Directors of the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC), Salvation Army Advisory Board, Inland Action, Inc., Environmental Information Association and American Sub-Contractors Association, etc. Tom’s capable management has provided Brickley Environmental with the focus needed to move into the Company’s present position of leadership in the environmental remediation and environmental clean-up services industry.

AGC of California Specialty Contractor Achievement Award
California Constructor Magazine Feature Article

Shane Brickley
Senior Vice President
Shane's Bio
Shane the Senior Estimator has an extensive background in estimating and project management for over 20+ years. Shane also ensures the implementation of all OSHA, EPA, state, regional, and local regulations that pertain to both employees and property owners. Shane holds the Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Abatement Supervisor certificates, OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certification. Shane also holds a State of California General Contractors: General Building B, Painting C-33, and Roofing C-39, with both Asbestos C-22 and Hazmat endorsements.
Tim Brickley
VP/Safety Manager
Tim's Bio
As the Company’s Safety Manager, Tim implements and manages our highly successful safety procedures and programs. Tim’s expertise for safety comes from his extensive background and being a fully licensed general contractor and project manager. Tim has attended multiple OSHA safety classes/seminars, along with having developed and directed the Brickley Environmental internal safety programs, focusing on jobsite safety, audits and the continued employee safety training programs. He holds the certifications for Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Abatement Supervisor, Applied Microbial Remediation Technician, Water Damage Restoration, Health and Safety and OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER).
Tina Merchant
C.F.O. / Controller
Tina's Bio
As Controller for Brickley Environmental, Tina is responsible for directing and managing accounting, financial and office functions. Ms. Merchant brings a combination of 20 years of construction industry accounting and finance experience to Brickley Environmental. Tina has earned a certificate in Human Resources: Foundations of Employee Relations from Cornell University, Bachelor of Science degrees in Administration, majoring in Accounting, Finance and Management from California State University, San Bernardino and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Redlands.
Sean Brickley
Project Manager
Sean's Bio
Sean is the third generation of the Brickley Environmental Team and he is gaining his experience from the ground up. He estimates, bids and manages a broad range of environmental remediation projects. Sean spent seven years in the field, three years as a Hazardous Material Field Worker and Leadman and four years as a Project Supervisor. Today, Sean is also fully qualified and holds the required Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Abatement Supervisor certifications. He also holds the OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certifications.
Chris Ibarra
Operations Supervisor/Dispatcher
Chris's Bio
Chris has 15 plus years of experience in the Environmental Clean-up Services industry as a Hazardous Material Worker, Leadman, Trainer and Supervisor. Chris is fully trained and certified in OSHA, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER). He holds additional certifications and training for Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint, Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulatory and Safety Training Course. His responsibilities include staffing, scheduling of projects, customer relations, regulatory compliance, and employee safety and health.
Tom Landreth
Project Manager
Tom's Bio
With over 20 years of experience in the Environmental Clean-up Services industry, Tom has experience as a Hazardous Materials Field Worker, Leadman, Supervisor and Operations Manager. Tom has excellent customer relations skills and holds certifications for Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Abatement Supervisor, and has the OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certificates. He estimates, bids and manages a broad range of environmental remediation projects.
Al Fields
Operations/Project/Warehouse Supervisor
Al's Bio
Al is the “MacGyver” of Brickley Environmental. He is fully trained and certified in OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER). He holds additional certifications for Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint and Mold Remediation. Al has vast experience in warehouse, transportation and field operations that make him highly qualified as our Warehouse/Project Supervisor, and overseeing our warehouse and yard operations, supervising complex abatement projects and numerous projects of a special nature.
Project Supervisors, Leadman, and Crew
Certified Workers
Brickley Environmental has on average, 40 certified workers. The workforce has the certification of the “RAPID GATE PASS” to work on highly sensitive security installations including military installations.
Chad Chandler
Demolition Division Manager
Chad's Bio
New to us in 2017, Chad has over 13 years of experience estimating and managing both demolition and abatement projects. He holds a C-21 Demolition Contractor’s License along with an AHERA Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Certification. Chad earned a bachelors degree in economics from San Diego State University in 2003. As the Demolition Division Manager he is responsible for project estimating, bidding, project management, including the safe and sound implementation and completion of our demolition work.
A Few Clients and Companies We Work With: